LifeSize® ClearSea™ 3.0: Now for Broader Deployments and Greater Integration into Your Existing Environments

Cristoforo Mione

by Cristoforo Mione, Senior Product Manager – Mobile Video, LifeSize

Since the introduction of LifeSize ClearSea in our product portfolio, we’ve been receiving the following questions from some of our customers:

  • “My company has thousands of employees and multiple offices around the world. How do I get more ports and users and make sure that the network resources are used efficiently?”


  • “Video conferencing availability is critical to my company. How do I set up a high-availability service?”


  • “How do I integrate LifeSize ClearSea with my existing gatekeeper or build a consistent dial plan across my organization?”

LifeSize ClearSea

In response to these needs, we’re proud to announce the latest version of LifeSize ClearSea, our turn-key, interoperable client/server solution for desktop and mobile video collaboration. LifeSize ClearSea 3.0 is now supporting customers who are planning even broader deployments, thanks to clustering, and who are seeking greater flexibility when integrating into existing video conferencing environments, thanks to a new integrated call-routing engine.



It is now possible to stack multiple LifeSize ClearSea servers to increase the number of ports and users—in a single word: scalability.

Moreover, you will also get redundancy. For example, if one server or instance fails, the cluster keeps running the service with a reduced number of ports.

Last but not least, support for clustered deployments also brings geographical optimization: the software clients will transparently probe all cluster nodes to always connect to the nearest available server in order to optimize performances.


Call-Routing Engine

It is possible to easily create dial plans for call handling inside and outside your network, greatly improving the flexibility of mixed deployments.

There are many examples of how this can be used, including:

  • Divert to one (or more) assistant all unanswered video calls for a manager
  • Set up a single and consistent dial plan when LifeSize ClearSea is deployed in conjunction with an external gatekeeper so that users can simply dial the other party’s extension, without adding a server address

When you add to the mix the new capability of accepting registration from any standard H.323 room system, you can easily understand how LifeSize ClearSea becomes an advanced and flexible video PBX to integrate and increase the value of all of your existing video conferencing systems.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

On the client side, you will find a renewed user interface and support for new translations. We also added the capability to receive H.239 presentations on tablets and smartphones, thus enabling full collaboration in mobility.

All these new features, together with many other enhancements, strengthen LifeSize ClearSea’s leadership in the personal video conferencing space.

Trial LifeSize ClearSea Client: The software client is ideal for the individual who would like to test drive LifeSize ClearSea on his or her own device, whether mobile or desktop. To request a 14-day trial, visit:


Trial LifeSize ClearSea Server: The LifeSize ClearSea Server is perfect for the IT administrator who wants to experience how the LifeSize ClearSea solution allows full management, solves firewall/NAT traversal challenges and interoperates with existing infrastructure. To request a 30-day server trial, contact your local LifeSize sales representative or fill out the form at:


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    All: Please send me the estimated cost for LifeSize Clearsea as a collaboration t00l
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