[VIDEO] Sales and Video Conferencing: Closing More Deals Through the Power of Face-to-Face Communication

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From keeping in touch with the home office while on the road to maintaining relationships with customers anywhere in the world, video conferencing is a powerful tool with a myriad applications for the modern sales force.  Not only does it make long-distance communication instantaneous and easy, it gives that communication the intimacy and directness of a face-to-face conversation – something that’s invaluable in a field in which business success is dependent on building personal relationships with clients.

Here’s just a few of the things your sales department can do with video conferencing:

  • Check in with HQ: Keep traveling sales staff in the loop: regular video conferencing sessions between HQ and salespeople on the road ensure that everyone’s pulling in the same direction.
  • Conduct global collaboration sessions: Today’s marketplace is more global than ever.  Take advantage of this ever-growing customer base with video conferencing, the only way to have high-quality, face-to-face conversations with users all over the world.
  • Conference with partners. Meeting with key partners over video conferencing allows you to have more productive, efficient conversations than an audio or web conference.
  • Hold quarterly business reviews: Consider conducting QBRs over video so your sales force is more engaged and motivated.
  • Meet with customers remotely: OBEETEE is an importer of fine Indian rugs headquartered in Mirzapur, India. They’ve used their LifeSize video conferencing suite to allow potential buyers to have one-on-one conversations with the designers and artisans who make their rugs, ensuring a one-of-a-kind finished product. The end result is a never-before-possible level of customer service, something that builds relationships with clients and inspires them to tell friends and family about OBEETEE.
  • Stream, record, and archive best practices/success stories for future playback: Customer success stories are invaluable tools in your selling toolbox. Sharing these stories with your sales force over video (and encouraging them to share the content with prospective customers in the same manner) can lead to faster closed/won deals.

Not only does video conferencing allow your sales staff to build and maintain relationships with clients and prospective customers in exciting new ways, but it helps them stay in touch with the head office and with each other as well – and that means more sales, better sales and quicker sales.  So the question is: how can your company turn video conferencing into profits?

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