How To Give Your Conference Room an Extreme Makeover

The meeting room is a no-brainer: a conference table, comfortable chairs, maybe a poster or two. So why do so many companies have a hard time optimizing their video conferencing rooms?

The Importance of Intangibles

The Dutch Department of Transport (RDW) has a well-designed telepresence conference room.

When setting up a conference room, especially for video conferencing, it is important to pay attention to certain details. For example, make sure the table is at the appropriate height, that the chairs match and that the area is attractively lit. Paint the room so it looks fresh and inviting. By doing these simple tasks, the other party on the end of your video call will be able to pay attention to the subject matter at hand, not straining to see a dark image or viewing only half of one participant’s face.

Next, have a little fun and give your conference room some personality.

Make a Statement with Your Room

If you have a clear focus of what you want your HD video conferencing room to communicate to your business partners or clients, it’s a lot easier to decorate. Most businesspeople do something like this instinctively, practically every day. Everyone knows that your clothing is one of the easiest ways to send a nonverbal message. Extend this line of thinking to decorating your conference room. If chosen with a bit of care, the details and decorations will send a unified message to the people on the other end of the video conference call.

Here are a few popular personas and some design tricks that will reinforce that message:

1. Serious Business. Are you a smaller company looking to make a name for yourself? Maybe you’re in a conservative field and you want to communicate sophistication. Dark colors, minimalist decoration and liberal use of leather or nylon furniture will convey this message to potential clients or constituents on the other end of the call.


















2. Creativity and imagination at work. If you’re trying to project an image of forward-thinking dynamism or are in the design, architecture or advertising industry, you may want to try for something less heavy. Lighter colors, conversation-starting wall decorations and modern-looking furniture will all convey that you’re young, upbeat and energetic.

3. Make it your own. Your office or conference room should communicate something personal about you. Include decorations that communicate your unique personality; family photos, books, and posters all give off a simple, natural vibe.

Overall, your conference room should portray your company’s personality and lend itself to crystal-clear video calls. An attractive, inviting space puts the other party’s focus right where it should be: on your company culture.

– Dan Lothringer
Dan is a contributing writer for

3 Responses to “How To Give Your Conference Room an Extreme Makeover”

  1. Phil Ozek

    While I agree with the general premise of the article that one can, and should, make a statement with their video conference room(s), the examples shown have atrocious lighting and any decent system designer knows that great video starts with great lighting. What video cameras do, after all, is paint their sensors with light. When a room is well designed with proper “video” lighting (not architectural lighting) then everything else will fall into place. is a great resource for information/products related to video conference lighting. Best, Phil Ozek


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