Lessons in Learning: Control Time, Space, and Distance Through HD Streaming and Recording

by Kevin Buechler, Senior Sales Instructor – LifeSize Education

LifeSize Video Center, our recording, streaming and auto-publishing product, has become an integral part of our infrastructure solution since we first introduced it last April. We recently launched our second series of updates, which includes streaming to mobile devices like iPods, iPads and iPhones, making it easier than ever to keep remote teams on the same page. As an educator, real-time streaming, recordable video – literally in the hands of learners – is a powerful tool with tremendous instructional potential.

We are all used to professional buzzwords, regardless of the industry in which we work. Whether it’s, low hanging fruit, learning outcomes, or multiple data points, there is always a term out there that allows you to sound polished and in-the-know.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love localized vernacular. As an amateur philologist, I get as much joy from listening to Aaron Sorkin’s prose as I do from reading Pat Conroy or laughing at Master Shake (Number One in the Hood, G!) The beauty of it is looking for consistencies, inconsistencies, and the ciphers that help us illuminate the differences.

With this in mind, I am going to make what I feel is a pretty bold statement – sync is the latest buzzword that will wilt under the microscope of handheld live streaming of HD videos. We are inundated with visions of groups syncing together – all showing classrooms, boardrooms, and living rooms. The industry standard is trying to figure out how to take visual communication off of the laptop and into other high definition mediums. While this is immensely important in the worlds of business in all shapes and sizes (and is taking off in increasingly larger segments in government, legal, and medical fields) the scope of sync is still limited by space and resources.

LifeSize Video Center now streams to iPod, iPad and iPhone

However you look at it – you are limited by location and distance: time and space. Viewing critical content by phone begins to break down these barriers – now you are truly mobile and actually retaining information by video. Staying in sync.

If video conferencing taught us to fly, HD video conferencing took off the propellers and gave us jet propulsion. However, you still need to stop in San Francisco or L.A. and refuel if you want to travel to Tokyo. With our recent announcement, we are one step closer to light speed. Live video recording and streaming now opens the door wide for globally scaled education: true learning beyond the classroom, beyond the laptop, beyond the PowerPoint slide. Explore it step by step.

1. Mobile streaming is not the future of communication, it is the present. How many people do you know who do NOT have a mobile device?

2. Learning is now on demand as much as it is in the classroom. Look at how many higher education programs, especially graduate degree programs are using distance learning.

3. Personal messaging always trumps the generic. When someone is relating information to you, you listen – you absorb. All of this, literally, in your pocket! Thought-provoking lectures live and immediately recorded. The ability to replay them again and again. Teachers, educators, collaborators able to speak to hundreds on their preferred mode of communication—it is truly transformative.

The future of education is not on the presentation slide or white board – it is demonstration, immersion, and engagement. Don’t tell me – show me how it works, how I can solve problems with it and how I can use it to make things better. That is what “video in your pocket” truly unlocks – an increased feeling of personal connection with not only the subject matter but also the source of the information.

Today, we are one step closer to eliminating the need for scheduling a meeting to sync up in the world of truly global communication, especially in the area of education. Live streaming and recording brings knowledge to us immersively and in real time. This has put us in first class and significantly lengthened our time in the air. The trip is instantaneous and gets smoother, the possible destinations, limitless. As for our professional buzzwords, leave the networking for pinging your connections. Education should be ongoing and constantly evolving – much like the way we communicate.

Today and tomorrow, the ability to stream HD video to mobile devices is the next step in that evolution. Professional linguists, begin creating applicable labels at the sound of the ringtone.

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