LifeSize Video Solutions for Corporate Training

From distance learning to educating new employees on policies and procedures, corporate training is a necessity for every business.

Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts and limited budgets can make it a challenge. Corporate video conferencing solutions from LifeSize help enable global learning and reduce training costs so that your team gets the development it needs.We invite you to learn more about the LifeSize solutions that will help you achieve your corporate training goals.

Enable Everyone

From educating new employees to giving your organization access to distance learning, effective training consumes both time and resources. With LifeSize global video conferencing solutions, you can provide enabling training to your entire organization—without straining your resources. Distance learning can be broadcast to employees in multiple, dispersed locations (eliminating the need for travel), and internal training can be streamed and recorded for future playback.

Record and Replay

New hire orientation, product training and compliance sessions are all corporate necessities, but repeating these events can be hard on schedules and a burden on resources. LifeSize video solutions let you record the message, archive it and play it back anytime, anywhere.

Access to Subject-Matter Experts

With continuing education employee programs, you gain more-educated talent and retain the talent you already have.  Unfortunately, access to in-demand subject-matter experts can be limited. With LifeSize global video conferencing solutions, key experts can be accessed worldwide for powerful, engaging education programs.

Reduce Training Costs

The cost of meeting room rentals, meals and travel can quickly add up. By using a LifeSize corporate conferencing video solution for corporate training, you save on these costs, reduce the resources necessary for planning these sessions and minimize the time your people spend out of the office.

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