It’s Easy to Be Green: LifeSize Customer Highlights

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

For those of us who loved the TV show, “Sesame Street”, we remember Kermit’s old catchphrase, “it’s not easy being green.” Before video conferencing technology became mainstream, this rang true for companies all over the world. To have a face-to-face meeting, executives were forced to travel thousands of miles by airplane, which was not only expensive and time consuming, it also polluted our air with damaging emissions. The idea of “telecommuting” did not exist and employees wasted hours sitting in rush hour traffic while their cars emitted deadly carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. These days, it’s much easier to be green with the help of HD video conferencing. In observance of Earth Day, here are some customers that have utilized video conferencing to meet their “green” goals:

Global Fortune 500 Company: Based in the Netherlands, this global company is one of the premier manufacturers for printers, scanners, desktop computers, projects, laptops and LCD components in the world. As the company continued to increase its international presence, executives recognized the damaging carbon footprint it was producing and decided to take a stand and make a change. In 2008, the president of the company challenged his staff to reduce carbon emissions by 5 percent in one year. After implementing HD video conferencing from LifeSize, the company’s carbon emissions were down 12 percent since the last fiscal year, vastly exceeding the president’s original goal of 5 percent. To read the entire case study, please visit Fortune 500 Company Goes Green in a Big Way, Chooses LifeSize as Enterprise Standard for HD Video Communication or read the Forrester TEI report which outlines this company’s environmental success in detail.

Rectorate of Montpellier: The Rectorate of Montpellier manages national education for five regions throughout France. Initially, the Rectorate needed a way to connect with all of its campuses and students via HD video conferencing. However, they experienced some unexpected results after implementation. The Academy of Montpellier estimates that it has saved more than 6,000 hours due to travel reduction and reduced its carbon footprint by 3,000 tons since deploying video conferencing throughout its schools. To read the entire case study, please visit The Academy of Montpellier Expands Educational Opportunities to Students with LifeSize Technology.

North Bristol NHS Trust: North Bristol NHS is one of the biggest healthcare trusts in the United Kingdom and employs a staff of 9,000. The Trust is spread across two main hospitals in Frenchay and Southmead, as well as smaller clinics in neighboring communities. To help medical students and professors, as well as clinical and support staff, communicate with one another, the Trust decided to purchase HD video conferencing from LifeSize. As a public organization, the North Bristol NHS Trust also has a government-mandated carbon reduction target to meet annually, and LifeSize technology alone has saved 2958 kg of carbon over 12 months. To learn more about this customer and how video collaboration benefitted them, visit Saving Time and Cutting Carbon: How North Bristol NHS Trust Turned to Video Conferencing to Improve Efficiency and Achieve Goals.

National Geographic Society: National Geographic is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Beyond the magazine, National Geographic also produces television documentaries, music, radio, films, educational curriculum and merchandise. For this reason, the organization has a presence in many different locations including California, Connecticut, New York, Texas, Michigan, and even London, among others. To reduce international and domestic travel, National Geographic turned to HD video conferencing. With a keen interest in sustainability, they were also pleased with the positive environmental benefits that VC provided. “Being green is more important to us than money or travel savings,” Dornack said, “and HD video is a green technology. LifeSize was a win, win, win situation for us.” To read the entire story of National Geographic, visit The National Geographic Society uses LifeSize® HD video to reduce travel, stay green.

Have your own story of how video conferencing helped your company reduce its carbon emissions? Share it with us in the comment box below.

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    Can I get a PDF of this article? I really need this by Wednesday, April 3.

    • jzellman

      I believe you can just save the webpage as a PDF from most Internet browsers. Let me know if this works. Otherwise, we can email a PDF to you.


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