Dispelling the Myths of HD Video Conferencing – Part 3 of 7

Myth 3: HD video communications is just for specialized applications (i.e. performing surgeries, examining historical artifacts)

Fact: Everyone, under any circumstance, can benefit from improved video quality.

To say that HD video communications should be reserved for specialized usages infers that people don’t value incremental improvements in anything that allows them to communicate and exchange information more effectively and productively.

If better quality can be achieved from high definition video at a comparable price range to that of subpar legacy technology, what would you choose? Look at high-end telepresence suites. While these are typically reserved for only C-level executives, the “little people” can benefit from improved communication at the very same quality level at a mere fraction of the cost. It’s true – every type of business is now using HD video to collaborate and improve productivity – from SMEs to hospitals and charities to large, multinational corporations.

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