LifeSize Video Collaboration Platform for the Distributed Workforce

Extending HD video collaboration platform across a distributed workforce may seem like a hard job. With LifeSize, it doesn’t have to be.

Video conferencing solutions from LifeSize let you offer video collaboration across your entire organization, no matter where your colleagues may be, in just minutes.We invite you to explore how video conferencing from LifeSize will help you collaborate globally with simple and flexible solutions. Read more about how LifeSize solutions can help you achieve your business goals.

Encourage Global Collaboration

Workingfromhome is no longer a luxury; it’s becoming the norm. While it has advantages for your employees, it can be challenging to connect with colleagues in offices and homes around the globe. With a video collaboration platform from LifeSize, your employees can engage in global collaboration with the simple clickofabutton. Teammemberscandiscussprojectsandsharefiles—andevenrecordtheircollaborationsessionsforfutureplayback.

Simple to Deploy

Technologycanbeintimidating, especiallyforthosewhohavetosetitup, manageitandsupportitontheirown. LifeSizevideoconferencingsolutionsarebuiltwithsimplicityinmind. Anyone, anywhere, cangetsetupandstartcommunicatingviavideoquicklywithsolutionsthataresimpletodeploy, intuitiveandeasytouse.

Flexible Solutions

Whenyourdistributedworkforceincludesvendorsandcontractorsforshort-termprojects, youmaynothavethebudgetforvideoinfrastructuretosupporttheircommunicationneeds. LifeSize’sflexiblevideocollaborationplatformcanbeexpandedorcanceledatanytime. They’reagreatfitforcompaniesthatwanttheflexibilitytoadjusttheirvideoconferencingsolutionsforachangingstaffsizeandbudget.

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