The 21st Century Classroom: Doing More with Less

With budget pressures, ever-increasing enrollment numbers and limited faculty resources, schools are encouraged to use technology to overcome these challenges and continue to provide enriching learning experiences to students. HD video conferencing has emerged as one of the most efficient ways to bring more students into the classroom than ever before and utilize school resources wisely.

The old days of a teacher standing in front of a classroom lecturing about a given subject are over. Well, sort of.

Now, it’s virtual.

Not only does video conferencing allow teachers to literally be in two (or three, or four) places at once, it also allows to students to attend specialized classes that may not be offered in their home school, like foreign language or advanced subjects beyond their grade level.

The key to broadcasting and recording lectures is crystal-clear quality (so it feels as lifelike as possible) and access on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Here is a video that demonstrates what a 21st century classroom looks like.

For real-life stories of K-12 schools and universities that have implemented 21st century technology in their classrooms, read the case studies for State College of Florida, ESU 10, Globe University and YES Prep.

Does your school use HD video conferencing? Have you ever participated in distance learning? Tell us about your experiences in the comment box below.

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