Dutch Motor Vehicle Authority Chooses LifeSize to Drive Collaboration

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

The RDW, or Department of Road Transport in the Netherlands, is responsible for the safety and efficiency of traffic on all of the streets throughout the country. On top of that, they also register vehicle and owner data and issue documentation such as vehicle registration certificates and drivers licenses. Think of them as the Dutch DMV.

Though the department works hard at improving the traffic situation in the Netherlands, the lengthy commutes and traffic jams were beginning to be a problem, even for RDW employees. In order to bring over 1,500 individuals together for meetings and training sessions, the RDW turned to HD video conferencing as the solution to their problem.

HD video conferencing wasn’t a new concept for the RDW, as they had used the technology for nearly a decade. However, when it came time to look for a telepresence option, the department tested all of the major vendors’ offerings to find one that fit their needs perfectly.

After testing the different solutions, the RDW found that the more expensive products were not necessarily the best. They decided to go with LifeSize for its outstanding quality, unique flexibility and unmatched price performance – a winning combination that none of the other vendors could match.

For the RDW, telepresence was the best way for them to work together so the executive team selected LifeSize® Conference™ as their preferred system. The department was most impressed with the intuitiveness of the technology and how simple it was to begin a video conference with the touch of a single button.

Since implementing LifeSize Conference, the organization has seen improved communication and overall satisfaction with the solution. Now, instead of driving on the road to attend face-to-face meetings, the RDW can use their LifeSize HD video system to drive collaboration across the country.

To read the entire case study for the Dutch Department of Road Transport, click here.

Here are a few cool pictures of their implementation:

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