Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy

I started this blog with a tongue in cheek posting about the perils of travel. Tonight I find myself at 35,000’ aboard an on time flight to Boston. Let’s see, did a little work on my computer, read some on the Kindle, watched an episode of “What about Ted” on the iPhone, and talked with the guy next to me about building airplanes. He’s about to test fly his Lancair 360 that he’s been building for 10 years.

Earlier today, I was in Bangalore via videoconference.

Quite an amazing life we are able to live.

I’m starting to rethink my first blog post after watching this video of Louis CK on the Conan O’Brien show.

—- Fast forward to the next afternoon —-

Great meeting. Back to the airport early to discover the return flight is 2 hours late. Rush to get on standby for an earlier flight. Only center seats remain. Board and wait on tarmac for 30 minutes. Land in DFW, gate not available, so taxi to abandoned area of the airport for 20 minutes. Get off to a sea of road warriors below.
It’s all quite amazing. Watch the video. Especially the second half of the video about commercial flying. Hilarious. It sure looks like traveling has picked up in the last few weeks. Where have you gone? On time? Doubt it.

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  1. Christina De Bono

    Hi Casey, Thanks for posting Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy. It really made me laugh. I am in the age group to remember the days of rotary phones, no voice mail and going to the bank to write a check for cash! I actually miss those seemingly carefree days where we weren’t tethered by cell phones, pda’s, email and now – Twitter, Facebook and on and on — It’s a very different world today and this clip reminded me of how much it has changed!! Christina De Bono


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