Explaining the Value of High-Quality Video Communications

Once you have realized the value of video collaboration on your own, a subsequent challenge becomes communicating that information to the decision makers at your company.  However, if you are armed with a few solid talking points, you can easily present your case and seal the deal.

With that in mind, here are some key points to bring up during your pitch.  Pick and choose the points to make based on your boss’s personality and concerns, as doing so will make for a more persuasive, compelling argument.

The Bottom Line. In business, all decisions come down to profitability: whether or not something makes money.  For money-conscious managers, the most attractive benefit to adopting a video conferencing solution is the fact that it reduces the need for travel, thus practically eliminating travel expenses.  Explain to your manager that with video, the days of flying across the country to interface with corporate branches, interview job candidates or woo potential clients are over; the savings really add up, and depending on the product you choose, it should pay for itself after just a couple uses.

Productivity. Frequent use of video can actually increase worker productivity.  Psychology theorists have established that different people learn and retain information different ways, and that for so-called visual and auditory learners, video conferencing’s ability to recreate face-to-face interaction will go a long way to helping them get the most out of long-distance meetings.  Dr. Albert Mehrabian famously concluded that about half of communication is non-verbal; because video chat ensures that 100 percent of a given message is communicated, it reduces the likelihood of costly misunderstandings.

Versatility. Video collaboration doesn’t just save managers the expense associated with conferences and meetings – it has applications for people in a wide range of positions throughout your company.  Quick, effective communication can reduce the length of product development cycles, make hiring and training employees easy even over long distances, dramatically improve customer service, and a whole lot more.  Come up with a list of your company’s particular needs and how they can be addressed by adopting a video solution: your manager will respond a lot better to a short list of concrete benefits than she would to a lot of theoretical advantages.

The biggest thing to remember when pitching video conferencing to your boss is that there are countless ways it can streamline efficiency and cut expenses.  Make your argument relevant to your company’s needs, and your enthusiasm for video will be infectious.

– Dan Lothringer
Dan is a contributing writer for VideoConferencingSpot.com

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