Fathers, Families, and Video Conferencing

At LifeSize, so much we do and write about is business related. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love when LifeSize systems change lives on a more personal level. In honor of Father’s Day, I have two such stories to share:

1. Beauty, the Beast, and his dad in Iraq

Last weekend, over 60 kids got together at a Theatre Camp in Austin to perform “Beauty Lou and the Country Beast.” It was typical of Austin’s great summer programs with one exception — thanks to scholarships by ourselves and partners at the Red Cross and the One World Theatre, 10 of the kids involved were children of deployed parents in Iraq. By hooking up LifeSize systems in three different military camps as well as at the theatre, parents got to watch their kids perform and then catch up with them as close to “in person” as they’ve been able to for a very long time. The experience was truly heartwarming — you can read more about it here.

2. The Challenges of HD at Age 3

I’m happy to say that in general, LifeSize gets lots of positive feedback from users, especially related to reducing travel. So you’d think we’d practically be heralded as heroes to moms around the world this Father’s Day, right? Apparently not.

This week I heard a story of a LifeSize user who was in Tokyo on business. Because he also has a video conferencing setup at his home office, he was able to chat with his wife and two young girls before bedtime here in Austin. Apparently, his wife had just purchased his Father’s Day gift with his 3-year-old daughter and stressed that it was a secret. Truth be told, Maggie didn’t think she’d have too much trouble with Piper spilling the beans, considering her husband was half a world away.

So the family was chatting, much like they do before bed when Alan is in town. And young Piper started getting excited, telling her Daddy all of the wonderful things they were going to do when he got back on Father’s Day. When she started down the path of presents, Maggie gently nudged her not to give anything away. at which point Piper softly whispered “I’m gonna tell him about the flowers I picked for him – not the watch!”

Sorry Alan & Maggie- that HD sound’ll get you every time.

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