Financial Services and Video Conferencing: Helping You Adjust to Rapid Changes in Today’s Marketplace

Nobody knows better than financial services firms the importance of getting a good return on investment, which is why our customers in that field love that HD video conferencing can help them reduce overhead, improve the quality of their services, and streamline corporate efficiency.  Let’s cover some of the ways that financial services firms can utilize this technology in their day-to-day dealings.

  • Hold analyst presentations and reviews from anywhere in the world. For financial entities with a global scope, nothing is more important than instant, effective communication.  Not only does video conferencing allow you to share pertinent files, documents, and presentations in real time, but it also ensures that nonverbal cues aren’t lost in translation.
  • Communicate between domestic and even international offices. LifeSize specifically has worked with firms like Spain’s BBVA Group, Metropolitan Bank in Memphis, and more to ensure that they can quickly and efficiently communicate between branches and offices located hundreds and even thousands of miles apart, saving them the cost and hassle of frequent travel.
  • Broadcast financial earnings and daily communication updates. What’s better than an email blast?  A dynamic, HD video presentation that allows you to seamlessly integrate stat sheets, documents, and more into your ongoing business communication.
  • Conduct quarterly business reviews. With the help of HD video collaboration technology, all stakeholders can meet face-to-face for quarterly business reviews with helps cultivate better relationships.
  • Meet with customers and clients remotely. Save the expense of travel while retaining the personal connection of face-to-face communication.  For example, Dutch firm Rembrandt F&O uses its LifeSize HD video system to work side by side with clients, ensuring work is done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.
  • Stream, record, and archive important communications for future playback. If a certain attendee cannot attend a critical meeting or time zone difficulties make it impossible to have all stakeholders attend a meeting together, streaming and recording video calls can help alleviate this pain point.

At LifeSize, we understand the needs and concerns of financial services companies, because we have extensive experience working with companies in that field.  From a high-definition picture to advanced security features to a scalable product that ensures you’re only paying for the product you need, it is imperative that your financial services firm find a vendor that can meet all of those needs and more.

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4 Responses to “Financial Services and Video Conferencing: Helping You Adjust to Rapid Changes in Today’s Marketplace”

  1. Merrick Keenworth

    Great Post. New technologies are doing some great things for business, however keeping up with it all can be challenging. Take video conferencing, the needed equipment can be costly for something you won’t use every day. There are options. Many virtual office services offer video conferencing on an hour by hour base, so if you need to do it from time to time but not enough to justify the cost virtual offices might just be the ticket.

    • jsteele

      Merrick, Great point! However, video conferencing equipment isn’t nearly as expensive as it used to be. We’re finding that many of our customers are able to recoup the cost of their investment in a few short months by replacing just one or two business trips. Thanks so much for your comment! – Julie


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