The Villains of Video Conferencing – Frankenfidget

Kevin Buechler

by Kevin Buechler, Program Manager for Sales Enablement, LifeSize

Welcome to the second installment of the Villains of Video Conferencing (cue scary music, a crash of thunder and distant screams). In today’s post, we will examine the frightening alter ego of La Estatua: the ferocious, the foul, the Frankenfidget.

Illustration by Courtney Lubke

Faster than a speeding bullet, more annoying than a locomotive blaring in the middle of the night, Frankenfidget is everything La Estatua is not – in the most terrible way possible. Rather than being a frozen, unmovable object, this fiend is unable to focus on the person on the other side of the screen. Akin to a hummingbird on double espresso, everything needs to be examined, evaluated and explained at lightning speed. While you are trying to discuss the recent sales predictions, ol’ Frank is zooming in and out at Mach 5 speed. For him, far end camera control is a modern-day SCUD missile: no aim or real danger but so darn annoying.

Fear not, readers. This loathsome lowlife possesses a conquerable weakness: a secret so cryptic that it has been kept in the VC vault for a millennia. The key to defeating Frankenfidget is to simplify video conferencing solutions. Create a system that is so intuitive, so flexible and so easy to use, that Frankenfidget will stop dead in his tracks.

As with all of these pitiful profligates, the only worthy opponent is LifeSize HD video conferencing. With LifeSize, Frankenfidget is unable to scour every minute detail and troubleshoot all possible threats, because everything is working perfectly in harmony. With nothing to endlessly assess, Frankenfidget’s energy will crumble on itself. This supervillain doesn’t stand a chance.

Another day, another victorious battle for LifeSize.

Join us next time (with earplugs) for the introduction of the aurally awful: Molte Forte.

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