Dear Road Warrior: Frazzled in Florida

Road Warrior

Dear Road Warrior,

I am definitely a supporter of face-to-face communications, but I want more than just a video call. I have PowerPoint presentations and documents to share. What if I want to record the call and show it to my supervisor or client? How do I even know if someone is available to chat when I need to call them? I need mobile video conferencing to do more. Help!

–          Frazzled in Florida

Dear Frazzled,

First of all, I think it is great that you support face-to-face communications. I am glad that the technology is so widely available and more and more people are using it every day. I remember when it used to only exist on The Jetsons.

To that end, video conferencing has jumped leaps and bounds since it hit the scene in the last decade. Now, point-to-point calling has expanded to multipoint calls. For example, LifeSize ClearSea can host a 26-participant call with optional multiconference support. Now, you aren’t just having a conversation with one other colleague; you can talk to the whole department at once. Beyond that, you can have that call on just about any smartphone or table on the market. For an entire list of interoperable devices, click here.

Also, LifeSize ClearSea has all of the features you mentioned above: data sharing, recording/playback, presence and even, text chat. More and more video conferencing providers are realizing that end users want a complete unified communications experience and that is just what LifeSize offers. The difference is that LifeSize offers these features on more smartphones and tablets than any of its competitors.

Ask and you shall receive, Frazzled. Mobile video communications solution can do more.

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