French Furniture Company Promotes Cross-Country Collaboration Over HD Video Conferencing

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

Even though this leading French furniture and accessories manufacturer employs over 2,000 associates in over 25 stores across the country, they have a single driving mission that permeates the entire company, bringing them all together: make furniture and décor that is simple, original and accessible. Selling over 15,000 unique products, including tableware, linens, sofas, and wall art, the business has established itself as a household name.

Though their vision was clear and concise, the business had difficulty bringing the stores together across geographically-dispersed store locations. They needed a new communications model in order to make sure that all staff members were collaborating on a frequent basis, whether they were working on a new sales initiative or designing a new catalog. Decision makers were looking for a solution that was easy to use, could operate under various bandwidth conditions and provided a lifelike experience. The only solution available for such a tall order was HD video conferencing.

After evaluating all of the major vendors in the market, the company purchased LifeSize® Express 220™ endpoints for their stories. Additionally, they also purchased LifeSize® Bridge™, in order to facilitate 16-way or 48-way conference calls. With these two solutions combined, the furniture manufacturer was now well equipped to communicate with stores, vendors and other constituents.

The reception of the new technology has been overwhelmingly positive across the company and communication is better than ever. No matter what project the teams are working on, video collaboration enables a true-to-life experience, reducing the need for costly travel.

“We are very pleased with video conferencing and the benefits it provides us,” said a store manager. “The bandwidth optimization is excellent and we are very glad we chose LifeSize.”

To read the case study in its entirety, please visit: Prominent French Furniture Manufacturer Chooses HD Video Conferencing to Connect Stores Across the Country.

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  1. Matthew James

    While your article didn’t specifically mention it, the fact that a business can communicate more effectively using video conferencing often means they can ‘meet’ more often compared to traveling for meetings. More frequent meetings mean everyone stays on the ball – helping a business succeed.


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