Future Winter Olympians Use LifeSize to Keep Up with School Work While Training

What an exciting month February has been! The Winter Olympics in Sochi have captivated the world. We’ve loved every minute watching these incredible athletes achieve the seemingly impossible. With the Olympics coming to a close this Sunday, we wanted to tip our hat to one special LifeSize customer…

2-21-2014 8-23-51 AMYou may have noticed that many of this year’s Olympians are teenagers and though you may think that their sport of choice is a full-time career, many of these school-aged athletes attend a special high school so they are able to train as much as possible while not falling behind on their studies. The name of this institution is The Lowell Whiteman School and it is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado: one of the premier training grounds for United States Olympians.

This private college prep academy, in conjunction with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, offers students the option to engage in a “competitive winter sports schedule” in order to train for their sport (Nordic, Alpine and Freestyle skiing and snowboarding) while attending classes remotely.  With the help of LifeSize HD video solutions, these future Olympians can review their classes via video (live or on-demand) so they don’t miss a lecture. For example, if a student needs to travel to Chile, Austria or Japan to train, or even if they need to take advantage of daylight hours on a glacier and study at night, they can still achieve their academic goals. To learn more about this unique program, visit their website here: Ski Ride Programs.

2-21-2014 8-24-30 AM2-21-2014 8-24-55 AMIt is so exciting to see our technology used in such a unique way, and we wish all of the Lowell Whiteman students and alumni the best as they work to achieve their Olympic dreams.

To learn more about LifeSize solutions for education, click here.

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