Let’s Get this Multiparty Started!

Diana Hyland, Product Marketing Manager

On February 19, LifeSize announced LifeSize UVC Multipoint Enterprise Edition. For those of you who may not be familiar, “multiparty calling,” also referred to as bridging, is used to describe a video call that involves multiple people, so they can  see, talk and interact with each other. Bridging is enabled through the use of an MCU, or multipoint control unit (aka bridge).

Typically, a video bridge displays a group of people in a grid, Brady Bunch style, with the active speaker prominently featured. There are many kinds of bridges available, with pricing and quality that varies greatly by manufacturer. Though bridging is often thought of as expensive, there are actually a variety of options for every size and type of business (and budget).

So, what can I do on a multiparty call?

  • Collaborate: For those who are constantly traveling or work from home, multiparty video calling brings the entire team together to meet, share ideas and report on progress.
  • Teach, Train and Learn: Need to train new hires, conduct a face-to-face Q&A session, manage a classroom with students from distant locations? Multiparty calling makes it easy and affordable.
  • Connect: When you need immediate feedback and more personalized interactions, multiparty calling helps build relationships, improve productivity and speed decision making.
  • Take Action: Need to call a meeting now? Just dial in to a meeting room. Not in the office? You can dial in from your laptop. Need to schedule an ongoing meeting? A new scheduling feature is now available via the LifeSize UVC Multipoint Enterprise Edition.

This week, LifeSize introduced the enterprise edition of LifeSize UVC Multipoint, which provides performance levels similar to those of a hardware-based bridge, but delivered on the flexible, scalable software-based LifeSize UVC Platform.

How is LifeSize UVC Multipoint Enterprise Edition different from the standard edition?

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In order to truly “get this multiparty started,” check out our LifeSize Harlem Shake video below! You may have seen this particular party video floating around on the Internet, but we are willing to bet you’ve never seen it quite like this!

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