LifeSize Gives Big Companies a Small Carbon Footprint

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Just in time for Earth Day, we’ve recently released findings from a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LifeSize that demonstrates the potential economic and environmental impact of video conferencing solutions on Fortune 500 companies.

The study analyzed a LifeSize Fortune 500 customer – the European division of a Japanese consumer electronics company – and revealed a risk-adjusted ROI of 392 percent over five years, in addition to enabling the company to meet its aggressive carbon emission reduction goals.

Here’s a video with Forrester Principal Analyst Henry Dewing on the overall benefits this customer experienced:

And the real impact of ROI:

Results summary:

  • Lowest TCO – ongoing maintenance and support. LifeSize saved the company over $1 million in travel expenses in one year and experienced an ROI payback in just nine months. LifeSize’s solutions were substantially more cost-effective to maintain compared to its closest competitor and offered the company the highest quality video conferencing with lower bandwidth required, eliminating any additional deployment costs.
  • Real-world results – more efficient and better work experiences. The use of LifeSize video conferencing reduced travel by 46 percent within the first year of deployment, allowing employees to travel less and stay closer to home. The company also benefited from more efficient employee interaction and global collaboration through better quality communication with colleagues at different locations.
  • Eco-friendly – reduced carbon emissions. The customer was able to meet its carbon dioxide emission reduction goals with close to a 12 percent decrease in carbon emissions within the first year of deployment, eliminating more than 800,000 tons of CO2 – a direct result of reduced travel. In one year’s time, travel was cut by 46 percent.

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