Global Packaging Design Firm Uses HD Video to Share Products with Clients

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

Quadpack is a very global company, with presence all over the world, from the UK to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The company excels in package design for a variety of industries including beauty and personal care products. And almost every woman can attest to the importance of packaging in beauty products! Oh, how I love my lotions and potions, and so many times I’m drawn to certain products by their packaging and eye-catching design.

As the company grew in recent years, expanding to France, Germany, Italy and Australia, executives were in need of a simple, affordable way to communicate between internal offices, as well as with clients in their respective locations. Because visual aesthetics are such a vital part of its business, Quadpack turned to HD video conferencing as the technology of choice.

After thoroughly evaluating a number of products, Quadpack chose LifeSize technology because visual quality is the heart of their business. They needed to be able to present their product designs to clients in crystal clear 1080p30 quality – perfect for showing minute details and vibrant colors.

“In the packaging industry, special effects are very important. There is a level of brilliance in each color of the rainbow, but that level can be very difficult to decipher via e-mail,” said Tim Eaves, CEO of Quadpack.

Quadpack employees share a product sample with a client over HD video technology.

The company implemented HD video conferencing endpoints in its offices in Spain, Germany, Italy, China and Australia in order to quickly connect for internal meetings or conferences with clients. Quadpack also implemented LifeSize® Desktop in home offices scattered across the globe. With this technology, teleworkers are now able to stay connected with any office around the world at anytime.

Not only has HD video technology enabled employees to hold real-time meetings and see each other (and clients) face to face, the company also saved a considerable amount of time and money by eliminating travel to resolve product issues. In fact, Quadpack reports that profit margins have never been higher.

“From package development teams in Europe to sourcing teams in Asia, LifeSize keeps our company in sync,” said Eaves. “We can do a lot more than we could before for the same amount of money.”

To read the entire Quadpack case study, please visit: Quadpack uses LifeSize to Communicate with Clients Faster and More Effectively, Boosting Productivity and Profits.

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