Go “Trick or Treating” with LifeSize on October 30 – Win Free Prizes!

Next week on October 30, LifeSize will be hosting a virtual Halloween party via our free WebRTC video conferencing bridge. Anyone who dials in will be able to go “trick or treating” and win free prizes! Every single caller will win a goodie from LifeSize, and no one will leave empty handed.

Wear your favorite costume and call in to the party between 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. Central time. Invite your colleagues too! Here’s how to call in (for free):

How to Use LifeSize WebRTC in Three Easy Steps:

Step 1: Simply type in the web address (www.lifesize.com/webrtc) in your Google Chrome browser (download the browser here, if you don’t already have it) or click this link

Note: You may have to “temporarily allow pop-ups” to link your webcam to your WebRTC browser.

Step 2: Plug in your web cam (or use your embedded camera)

Step 3: Put the following dial string in (it may already be typed in for you): 1000@webrtc.lifesize.com and click to call.

5 Responses to “Go “Trick or Treating” with LifeSize on October 30 – Win Free Prizes!”

    • jsteele

      Larry – Try doing a test call, if you don’t mind. The 1000 bridge number is always live, so you should be able to test it at any time. Let me know how it goes. I believe you should be able to join audio-only.

      • Larry

        What bridge number? I went to the web site in Chrome and it just tells me to plug in a camera. I guess, even with a number to dial into, I’m not going to get video so it doesn’t matter much.


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