LifeSize Goes Virtual for Entrepreneurs

by Craig Malloy, CEO, LifeSize

Craig Malloy, CEO, LifeSizeLifeSize is proud to be involved in an exciting event this week here in Austin, Texas. RISE is a non-profit program dedicated to inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs. This week-long, free “un-conference” for- and by- entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas, has now grown into an ongoing annual program to provide one-of-a-kind resources and experiences to entrepreneurs worldwide for free.

This year, LifeSize is allowing RISE participants, and anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship, to be in two places at once.

Virtual RISE, powered by LifeSize, lets entrepreneurs experience key conference sessions in-person in Austin or in HD, directly from their mobile device – whether they are in between other sessions, stuck in traffic or simply missed a presentation and want to watch it later. We’re using LifeSize Video Center to record select sessions in HD and stream directly to the web live or on-demand. Anyone can experience the sessions on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, PC or Mac – there are no apps to install, just open your browser and watch.

LifeSize Video Center is powering Virtual RISE

LifeSize Video Center is powering Virtual RISE

With entrepreneurship and the definitive question – how do I make it in today’s global economy? –  at the forefront of this week’s discussions, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my experiences and a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Tip #1 – Pay attention to the microtrends that the bigger players are ignoring or rejecting – when large companies deny an idea, therein lies itself an opportunity to offer something competitive.

As an entrepreneur launching a startup right after the tech bubble burst, I learned that your confidence in the technology and the market need for it has to be rock solid. I knew there was an opportunity to offer video conferencing solutions that performed better and were more affordable – something the market had never seen

Tip # 2 – Build a team of passionate and talented people and be the leader they need to produce great work. The Navy taught me valuable leadership skills, such as: transparency, accountability, responsibility, integrity, honor and to always take care of your people.

I believe that your people are your most valuable assets. Smart people make smart products. They should be protected.

Tip # 3 – Find ways to celebrate the small victories along the way.

At LifeSize, we work hard everyday to make the best video solutions on the market. Milestones should be rewarded and commemorated.

Follow @lifesizeHD on Twitter for more details on the different RISE conference sessions that will be available via LifeSize Video Center live or on demand.

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