Excellence in Education: LifeSize Education Director Recognized with Gold Award for Innovation in Learning

Tricia Austin

by Tricia Austin, Services Marketing, LifeSize

When you think of LifeSize, you may think of innovations in best-in-class, HD video solutions. I bet you didn’t think of learning, did you? Well, I am happy to report that LifeSize is now a leader in a new field beyond the video communications industry: education.

Earlier this month, Wayne McCulloch, global director of education services for LifeSize, received the highly-coveted title of Gold Award recipient for Innovation in Learning by Chief Learning Officer Magazine at their annual Learning in Practice awards.  The Innovation Award recognizes thought leaders in the industry who demonstrate a vision of where the industry needs to move, while taking into account changing technology and learning styles, as well as new challenges facing employees in today’s ever-evolving working world.

Wayne McCulloch

Wayne is an entrepreneurial executive with a wealth of experience in global education services over the last 15 years. At LifeSize, he leads the education program. Before coming to us, Wayne was the global director of education services for HP Software, where he increased revenues 700% over three years and helped drive HP into the leader position on IDC’s Marketscape on “Worldwide IT Education and Training.”

Over the past year at LifeSize, Wayne and his team have tackled the challenges created by traditional learning enablement – like boring PowerPoint slides and classroom training – through the innovation of incorporating HD video (our specialty), social media networking and mobile learning into the education program.

By winning this award, we have proven that learning can be tailored to today’s highly-mobile, social audience in a way that truly resonates. Yes it’s true, learning can be fun and delivered in high definition, too!

Congratulations to Wayne, from everyone at LifeSize.

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