Greatest Hits: A Collection of the Best Use Cases for HD Streaming/Recording

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

For those of you who are unfamiliar with LifeSize® Video Center™, you are missing out on one of the best products the video conferencing industry has to offer. LifeSize Video Center is the world’s most powerful one-button HD streaming, recording and auto-publishing solution on the market today. When we say “world’s most powerful”, we mean it. This single solution ensures that live and on-demand videos are easily accessible from any location and by hundreds, or even thousands, of viewers. But what does that mean exactly?

LifeSize Video Center is like your organization’s personal YouTube channel. It is a collection of recorded videos, sorted into different channels. If you run a Fortune 500 business, the channels can be sorted by department. If you’re a university, it can be sorted by discipline or even specific classes or lecture series. Also, the solution hosts streaming videos and publishes them to the Internet in about 6 seconds. That means you can tune in to your company’s town hall meeting instantly via your web browser, iPhone or iPad and watch in crystal-clear HD from the comfort of your home or office. You can watch a professor stream a lecture, complete with their PowerPoint presentations, even if you are halfway around the globe. Even if you can’t watch live, you can watch on-demand on your computer or iOS device whenever it’s convenient. Not only is it easy to watch videos, it is even easier to record them. It takes one button. Literally. You just press the record button and continue with your video call, or lecture, or presentation as you would normally. While you are on the call, the video is simultaneously being uploaded to your “YouTube” site instantly and will be waiting for you when you are finished.

Organizations across the globe are taking advantage of this technology and we’d like to share some of the best stories with you.

Lowell Whiteman School: The Lowell Whiteman School is a private college prep academy that educates future Winter Olympians. Students train in the sports of Nordic, Alpine and Freestyle skiing and snowboarding and take classes when they are off of the snow. How? Lecture capture via LifeSize Video Center, of course. The remote athletes can watch recorded lectures on their laptops to make sure they keep up with their classwork while they are training for the Olympics. To learn more about how LifeSize technologies helped the students of Lowell Whiteman accomplish their goals, click on this Computerworld article to read an interview with Andy Pratt, the school’s director of technology, or read our blog post here.


My Weight Doctor: My Weight Doctor is a medical practice with patients in Maryland, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., New Jersey, North Carolina and Georgia. The practice focuses on weight loss through a holistic approach, employing a specialist team of nutritionists, pharmacists, hormone therapists and psychologists, along with their general medical staff. One way that the clinic keeps its doctors informed is through Continuing Medical Education classes, where they teach the doctors new techniques, laws, procedures and other information they need to know. Because the doctors and specialists have such busy schedules, all of these classes are recorded on LifeSize Video Center for the doctors to watch at their convenience. To read the entire case study, visit LifeSize Helps Medical Practice Empower Patients to Achieve Weight Loss Goals.

Sierra Wireless: Sierra Wireless is a world leader in wireless solutions for mobile computing. Though their main office is in Canada, they also have offices in the USA, China, France and other small sales and technical offices across the globe. Multiple time zones made coordinating phone conferences challenging, so the company purchased LifeSize endpoints equipped with LifeSize Video Center for corporate meetings. Now, employees in all time zones can watch critical meetings at a time that works for them. Additionally, video made language barriers virtually disappear, as it was much easier for the English-speaking team members to understand the French team members when they could see their facial expressions and body language. Click here to read the entire story: Using LifeSize, Global Wireless Solutions Company Improves Productivity, Breaks Cultural Barriers and Reduces Corporate Expenses.

Does your company use LifeSize Video Center? Tell us the interesting ways you are utilizing this technology in the comment box below.

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