Happy Earth Day

We went on a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana six years ago. An incredible park and beautiful glacially carved valleys. But where were all the glaciers? Since 1850, the number of glaciers in the park have gone down from over 150 to fewer than 37 named glaciers. Scientists expect that they will all be gone within 25 years. Grinnell Glacier is often photographed and you can see the receding effects here.

Put it on your list. Go see the glaciers before they all melt!

When you go, you might want to head a little further north to the Harding Icefield located in the Kenai Mountains of Alaska. Four years ago, my son and I hiked up to what is the largest icefield in the United States and I’ve got to say that I’ve never seen anything like it. We were stepping back into time to see an Ice Age. The Harding Icefield feeds about 40 glaciers with the most accessible being Exit Glacier.

Harding Icefield

At Harding Icefield

This week, the Austin American Statesman ran an article on the front page noting worldwide CO2 emissions. Not surprising, North America was near the top in consumption. More than 2x the usage per person of European countries, 4x China, and almost 20x India.

Regardless of your personal view on global warming, we can all feel pretty good about reducing our carbon footprint. Using collaboration technologies like immersive HD video, audio & data communications certainly fits the bill.

I took a look at a few or our systems around the office today to grab some call statistics. You have to be the administrator to do this, but it is located in Admin:Diagnostics:Call Counters. Also remember that we are constantly changing out systems, restoring to factory defaults, and all sort of actions that make these numbers VERY conservative. But a few of them were:

  • 3384 video calls for a total of 507.2 hours
  • 44,212 video calls for a total of 4,069 hours
  • 1607 video calls for a total of 367 hours
  • 657 video calls for a total of 309 hours

Collectively, the LifeSize employee base is on video literally thousands of hours per month.

How many trips did we save? How much was productivity increased? How many carbon offsets were generated? There are ROI calculators to measure all of these and more, but you don’t need a calculator to know you’re doing something positive.

So book a trip today to go see some glaciers. At least get outside and go take a hike. Use more video. If it’s been awhile give it another shot. By the way, I’m really interested in seeing other call counter stats, so take a look and send them in.

Happy Earth Day!

** Read more about Alaska melting.

**Get 10 tips on going green in the office.

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