Happy Mother’s Day from LifeSize!

In honor of Mother’s Day (on Sunday, May 12), we have taken a look back into our archives to find the best stories about how mothers have benefited from video conferencing over the years. Some stories are sweet, some are funny, and some may call for a Kleenex or two! Happy Mother’s Day from LifeSize!

Work-Life Balance – Thank You, LifeSize:

Nearly five years ago, I started working at LifeSize as a Channel Support Manager. With only a few other people working in the LifeSize European offices, we all had much to do. We grew our channel communities and supported our partners in demonstrating our system in sales engagements – at this time, we had the original HD video conferencing system, LifeSize Room, to sell. Today, there are more than 50 LifeSize employees working in EMEA. At the time, I was based in Munich, Germany and loved what I was doing, loved where I was living and was happy with my life – until I fell in love…[More]

Why Video Conferencing is Super for Supermoms:

If you’re a working mother with young kids, you know the frustrations of trying to balance work and life.  Sometimes it can feel like success at work comes at the cost of taking care of your family and that getting ahead in business means sacrificing valuable time with your children. Fortunately, there’s a solution. You guessed it: HD video conferencing technology allows working moms to better split their time between work and home without sacrificing either. [More]

The Real Benefit of WFH: A Mother’s Story:

Even though I am not physically based in the Austin headquarters (or even in the United States for that matter), I am productive, motivated and an integral member of the team, all thanks to video conferencing. But most importantly, I have the flexibility to spend more time with my 14-month-old daughter. As a busy mum, the mornings are still a bit of a rush but I can meet with my EMEA and APAC colleagues in the morning, pick my little girl up from nursery in the afternoon, play with her for an hour or so until my husband gets home to ‘take over’ baby duties, and then I’m back at work for when my team in Austin comes online. I have my US meetings over video and still have time to bathe my daughter and put her to bed. Perfect. [More]

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