Happy World IPv6 Day!

Have you ever heard of an IP address? Those little numbers separated by dots? At LifeSize, we use those addresses to connect users’ video endpoints. Your IP address is basically your video “phone number”, allowing you to conduct HD video calls anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Unfortunately some Internet experts predict that we will run out of IP addresses by the end of 2011, this year’s version of the crazy Y2K scare. However, this theory has prompted many companies to ask: what comes next?

This brings us to World IPv6 Day! The IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol (upgraded from the outdated IPv4). Today, companies from all over the world, including Facebook, Google and Yahoo!, are participating in a test drive of this new system to gauge its strengths, weaknesses and overall performance.

At LifeSize, we have configured a LifeSize® Passport™ to run on IPv6 and are currently participating in a 24-hour worldwide megaconference. This conference helps testers communicate with one another and discuss how the test is going and share experiences. We believe that interoperability is key in having the best HD video experience possible and look forward to opportunities like World IPv6 Day to connect with other companies and users like us.

IPv6 testers in action!

If you would like to test your own IPv6 readiness, visit the following links:

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