HD Video Helps Government Agencies Mobilize in Times of Crisis

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

Houston TranStar houses four government agencies for the fourth largest city in the country, including Texas Department of Transportation, Harris County, the City of Houston and the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County. All of these agencies work together to ensure that residents are kept up to date on traffic, weather and homeland security emergencies.

Though the facility uses modern technologies to monitor traffic, weather and emergency conditions, their communications environment was in need of a makeover. They needed a system that allowed individuals to communicate quickly and efficiently face to face. HD video conferencing provided the kind of reliable, powerful collaboration they were seeking, even under less-than-ideal bandwidth conditions.

“When we first experienced a demonstration with LifeSize, I was immediately impressed with the bandwidth capabilities,” said Bobby Richards, network administrator for Houston TranStar. “Being able to have a sharp HD video call at 1 Mbps was remarkable.”

Soon after the demonstration, Houston TranStar implemented HD video endpoints and desktop solutions amongst the four agencies, as well as outside organizations. Along with these endpoints, TranStar also purchased LifeSize® Transit, a complete firewall/NAT traversal solution that enables maximum security of calls. Because important homeland security decisions were being made over these video systems, it was imperative that they were inaccessible to outside parties.

“Not only do we use LifeSize for administrative meetings, we rely on it for immediate decisions when public safety is at risk,” said Francisco Sanchez Jr., public information officer for Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HCOHSEM). “HD video provides another dimension of interaction that no other form of communication can.”


Now, LifeSize is used throughout TranStar’s headquarters and local county offices. Reception has been overwhelmingly positive and the agencies now use it on a day-to-day basis.

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