[VIDEO] Video Hearings Save Time and Cut Costs for Hinds County Justice System

One of our LifeSize partners, Venture Technologies, shared this amazing customer testimonial with us, and we wanted to share it with you! Hear the story of the Hinds County Justice System and why they chose LifeSize to help ensure citizen safety and save money by doing video-enabled hearings, rather than transporting individuals between the jail and courthouse.

“Now with video conferencing, the judge is able to remain in the courtroom with the court administrator and attorneys. There is no transportation from the jail to the courthouse, so it saves us 25 miles in the cost of gas. The arraignment process is done in a matter of hours instead of an entire day,” said Judge Tomie Green, senior circuit court judge, state of Mississippi . “It’s a win-win situation for the tax payers. The cost is minimal, the technology is there for us, and we’re moving in to a new age where taxpayers expect us to manage our money, as well as our duties better. That’s what video conferencing does for us, and that’s what I was hoping it would do.”

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