LifeSize Hosted Video Solutions

LifeSize understands that IT teams can be a luxury for some organizations.

We also know that those same organizations have rapidly evolving mobility needs. That’s why we’ve developed a line of off-premise hosted video conferencing solutions to deliver the same high quality HD experience you’ve come to know with LifeSize, accessible via the cloud.

Flexible Options

For businesses interested in hosting their HD video conferencing solution off premises, LifeSize offers unmatched flexibility and control. Our solutions are accessible in your conference room or on your desktop, tablet or mobile device—and they can scale and evolve as your business does. LifeSize lets you have a high quality HD video collaboration experience wherever you need it.

Cloud-Based Simplicity

When your HD video conferencing solution is hosted virtually, you don’t need to worry about firewall traversal, bridges, endpoints and continuous maintenance, management and upgrades. Everything you need for video collaboration can be hosted off premises. Adding capability to any new environment and instantly sharing and replaying videos, files and recordings are as easy as making a phone call.

Secure Communications

Moving your HD video conferencing software out of your corporate headquarters is not the security concern you may imagine; in fact, it’s the opposite. With secure, off-premise hosting, you can be sure that your video conferencing capability won’t fail, even if your company is having its own technology challenges. You can rest assured that everything you’ve created with LifeSize, from recorded executive briefings to proprietary training files and videos, will always be accessible and secure.

Realize Cost Savings

All LifeSize hosted video conferencing solutions offer unmatched cost efficiencies, and hosting your deployment off premises takes your savings a step further. Your technology investment is reduced to the cost of a simple, all-in-one software solution accessed via the cloud. Add or subtract individual licenses as you go, and you can be sure that you’re getting the most from your technology investment.

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