How a Fortune 500 Transformed Its Business Using HD Video Conferencing

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

Based in the Netherlands, this Fortune 500 imaging technology leader is known the world over for its innovative products including printers, scanners, desktop computers, televisions, laptops and LCD components. As a result of their success, the company reports billions of dollars in net sales each year.

Though the company was extremely advanced in its product offering, it needed to upgrade its communication model from outdated ISDN systems. At the same time, the president of company challenged his employees to reduce travel costs by 10 percent and lower the company’s carbon footprint by 5 percent. Thankfully, a certain technology was the perfect solution for all of these challenges: HD video conferencing.

By implementing a video collaboration communications model, employees can still have the same genuine lifelike interactions without travel and will not contribute to pollution by flying back and forth on airplanes. After engaging in a thorough evaluation process of HD video vendors, the Fortune 500 company chose LifeSize Room 200 and LifeSize Express 200 for its full HD at 1080p30, LifeSize Transit for seamless firewall traversal and LifeSize Control for scheduling, workflow and provisioning.

Now, the systems are being used over 30 hours per week and ROI was so rapid, LifeSize had paid for itself within only six short months. As far as the company’s green initiatives were concerned, carbon emissions were down 12 percent since the last fiscal year – far surpassing the president’s original goal of a 5 percent reduction.

LifeSize was able to easily address all of the company’s issues, including reduced travel, enhancing global collaboration and cutting carbon emissions.

“LifeSize is a challenger in the market – not a follower, but an innovator, leading the pack in features and functionality.”

To read the entire case study of this Fortune 500 customer, visit Fortune 500 Company Goes Green in a Big Way, Chooses LifeSize as Enterprise Standard for HD Video Communication

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