How Smart Video Puts the “Smart” in Video Conferencing

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of video conferencing is complicated, expensive systems that take up an entire room and require a whole cupboard full of computers to operate, then I think it’s time to reconsider what you think you know about video conferencing!  A new generation of “smart video” solutions is changing the video conferencing landscape, and their ease of use, wide array of features, and scalable pricing might just make a convert out of you.

With Smart Video, you don’t need an IT degree to make a video call!

As with your smartphone, the beauty of Smart Video is that it combines a wide range of features with an intuitive user interface.  Whereas in the past you needed a background in IT just to set up a conference call, now all you need to do is push a button – to schedule a meeting, pull up a calendar, stream and record a session, or share content with other users.  If that sounds easy, it’s because it is.

But an intuitive interface is just one part of the Smart Video™ experience.  Here are some of the other things that make Smart Video so smart:

1. Unlike its meat-and-potatoes forebears, Smart Video offers a wealth of feature-rich applications that make your video conference a more dynamic experience for everyone involved.  Calendar schedules, streaming/recording capabilities, multiparty call functions, and document sharing are just a few of these features, and they make the Smart Video experience more than just a audio call with a visual component.

2. Gone are the days when video conferences had to be conducted in a special room!  Smart Video offers the same high-quality experience on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, making it easier than ever for global employees or telecommuters to stay in touch with the home office.  Additionally, the fact that Smart Video supports users across platforms and time zones will increase adoption throughout your organization, improving your ROI in the process.

3. Because of a scalable price structure, Smart Video makes video conferencing available to the masses.  Back when room-sized units were the norm, organizations had to choose between free, low-def Internet options and expensive professional units, effectively making true conferencing the sole provenance of Fortune 500 companies.  Now, however, you can get exactly as much or as little as you want from your Smart Video service.  Virtualization and sophisticated software mean you can start small, confident in the knowledge that your video conferencing solution will grow with your company.

Smart Video is taking us out of the video conferencing dark ages and into a world where conferencing is a valuable and affordable tool for companies of all sizes.  The above benefits of Smart Video are just the tip of the iceberg.  To find out more about what a solution from LifeSize can do for you, give this a click.

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