Meet the Newest Members of the LifeSize Product Family!

Brian Beasley, Product Marketing, LifeSize

Brian Beasley, Product Marketing, LifeSize

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! It’s a….new video conferencing solution! The addition of new members to the family is always an exciting time. From the moment the expected is announced, everyone looks forward to the due date with great anticipation.

As months pass, the talk is about what special gifts the extensions to the family line will bring. They consider the heritage of other family members and remark about how spectacular it would be if the new arrivals provided some special capabilities that perfectly complemented their siblings. And what if the stars aligned and everyone delivered on the same day? Well, they did today!

LifeSize is proud to announce the arrival of four new family members that are destined to be stars in their own right.

Our New LifeSize Family Members

The Icon Family welcomes LifeSize Icon 800. This sparkling smart video codec is very comfortable in front of large crowds. It’s clear she was born to perform on the big stage such as auditoriums, large classrooms and other expansive meeting spaces with her ability to connect to multiple displays at the same time.

LifeSize Icon 800Audience participation is very important to her and she wants to be sure every voice is heard, so a component in her delivery is the LifeSize Link Adapter which supports longer cable distances up to 61 meters (200 feet) between LifeSize Icon and Phone/Digital MicPod.

The accessories wing of the family is exceptionally pleased with its precious bundle of joy, LifeSize Camera S. This beauty is a looker that will steal your heart. It has a keen eye, is very perceptive and demonstrates a knack for seeing the complete picture very clearly, even in low-light conditions.

LifeSize Camera SEvery family has a member that sports some brawn. The UVC line proudly announces the arrival of LifeSize UVC 3380, a sleek and powerful hardware appliance that has the muscle to deliver higher performance and scalability. Betty and Barney Rubble would stand in awe of our version of “Bamm-Bamm.”

LifeSize want to share our new loves with everyone. We invite you to adopt LifeSize Icon 800, Link Adapter, Camera S and UVC 3380. We think you’ll fall in love with them and marvel at the joy they bring you, too.

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