Top Five Reasons Why LifeSize Icon Series Is “Smart Video”

Ellen J. Hawes Durbin, Product Marketing Manager

“Smart video™” simply means that video conferencing systems are as user-friendly and intuitive as smartphones. This week, LifeSize announced the LifeSize® Icon™ Series, and we believe this product exemplifies the smart video experience perfectly. But how? Keep reading for the top five reasons why we believe the LifeSize Icon Series is truly smart video.

1. Easy enough for anyone to use without training: Think of when you first bought your iPhone or Android device. Did anyone teach you how to use it? Of course not. You just fiddled with the device until you figured it out. The user interface of these smartphones is so easy and intuitive that it takes only a few minutes to navigate your way through it perfectly. The same can be said for the LifeSize Icon Series. With its icon-driven design, the LifeSize Icon Series is as easy to use as any smartphone. Anyone of any IT skill level can walk into a conference room and make a video call—no more embarrassment and no more calling IT for help. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

2. Lots of infrastructure applications with none of the hassle: When you use your smartphone and go to Facebook, it really doesn’t matter to you whether Facebook is hosted locally on your phone or in a big server in California somewhere. As the user, you just want to access the site and start browsing. For too long, video conferencing infrastructure applications have been too complicated to use and, especially in the case of bridging, the user interface and navigation are completely different from those of the endpoint (DTMF tones, for example). With the LifeSize Icon Series, everything appears local to the user, and the technology simply vanishes. A lot of your consumer devices already do this, and it’s high time for video conferencing to join in. So, whether you want to join a multiparty call, stream and record, or access your schedule for the day, you can do it all through the same UI.

3. Heads-up experience: HUD technology means that you never have to look down to do the things you want to do (your head always stays up and focused). With the LifeSize Icon Series, we have eliminated all of those extra buttons on the remote control and kept the basics: up, down, right, left, mute and “OK.” Everything else is right in front of you on the screen. With this new experience, users never have to look down at their remote to make a video call. Hey, if HUD technology is good enough for fighter pilots and luxury vehicles, it should be good enough for video conferencing, right?

4. Name-based dialing: When was the last time you actually called someone by dialing a phone number? Chances are, you looked on your contacts or favorites list on your phone and called them directly from there. Video conferencing has been plagued with IP, SIP and bridge numbers for far too long (and really, who has time for all of those numbers?). Wouldn’t it be better if you could just look up your contacts by their first or last names and call them directly? Better yet, if they aren’t in your corporate directory, what if you could pin them to your favorites list for easy reference? With the LifeSize Icon Series, you can. A name-based directory that can support up to 100,000 entries, a favorites list and a “recent calls” tab make for smart video.

5. Smart scheduling: Today, if you had a video conferencing call scheduled, you have to refer to an email or calendar invitation to find out the IP, SIP or bridge number to dial—and that’s if you even remember that you have a meeting at all. With the LifeSize Icon Series, all of your video meetings are laid out in front of you, and if you want to join, you click the OK button and you’re in. If you forget about your meeting, a pop-up reminder will appear on the screen to alert you. (Reminds you of your smartphone, doesn’t it?) If you want to host a multiparty call, you no longer need a bridge number. All you have to do is set up a virtual meeting room and ask participants to dial in. This works for recurring or ad-hoc meetings. Your virtual room will always be accessible.

Of course, the only way to truly experience smart video is to see it for yourself. Click here to book a demo and see the LifeSize Icon Series in action.

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