LifeSize Icon Series Wins 2013 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award

Today, LifeSize Icon Series was recognized as one of the most innovative products of the year by TMCNet, a leading technology publication.

The LifeSize Icon Series provides a new, simplified user experience designed to make video communication so simple and intuitive that anyone can use it without training. This smart video approach strips away all of the complicated processes inherent in video today, so users who have previously been intimidated by the cost and complexity of traditional video conferencing can now connect more efficiently.

“TMC Labs has honored those companies that upheld the highest standards in advancing unified communications solutions. Trend-setting companies that launched a new product or made an outstanding improvement to an existing application were singled out,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO. “The TMC Labs engineers have extensive knowledge of the UC market and selected only those companies that demonstrated their out-of-box thinking to transform the industry. Congratulations to all the winners.”

Rob Arnold, Program Manager, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Frost and Sullivan on the Icon Series: “The UI of the LifeSize Icon Series is unlike any I’ve seen on a video conferencing system. Its slick, icon-driven design just makes sense for an optimal user experience. I expect that there is tremendous market opportunity for this solution, especially at its attractive price point. For companies that have traditionally rejected video due to its cost and complexity, I would recommend a closer look at the LifeSize Icon Series.”

Dave Michels, UC Strategies on the Icon Series: “Although it is sold as hardware, the story here is the software. This is best illustrated with the remote, a simple wheel/clicker design optimized to navigate on-screen menus… Using on-screen prompts and menus allows features to be easily added and modified, and as an added bonus the user keeps their eyes toward the camera.”

David Maldow, Telepresence Options on the Icon Series: “The new user interface is a slick, modern design, stripped of all confusing textual setting menus. Users are presented with an intuitive, immediately understandable set of icons to choose. This is clearly how the ‘Icon’ series got its name and obviously the main focus of the product design team. They appear to have met their goal, as a quick demo of the new UI convinced me that even a complete video conferencing novice should be able to pick up the remote and place a call with almost no instruction or help.”

We are honored to achieve this award from TMCNet and we thank them for their recognition.

To learn more about LifeSize Icon Series, please click here.

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