[VIDEO] Manufacturing and Video Conferencing: Improve Efficiency and Quality Through Enhanced Collaboration

Durability, reliability, dedication: these are the traits that manufacturing companies rely on for success. But did you know you can expect the same things from your video conferencing solution? At LifeSize, we believe that video conferencing isn’t just for corporate offices. Manufacturers have just as much to gain from adopting video conferencing solutions as law firms and financial institutions.

Solutions Industry ManufacturingBut what can this technology do for you? Let’s take a look:

  • Attend remote training and learning events: Instead of shelling out money on travel expenses for remote learning or training events, attend remotely via your video conferencing system.
  • Meet with contractors and vendors: Build stronger relationships by communicating with key contractors and vendors face to face, rather than via email or audio conferencing.
  • Collaborate with clients and partners all over the globe: Olympus Europe, a division of the Japanese manufacturing giant, uses LifeSize to collaborate between offices across the continent on a daily basis, saving them time and money and ensuring that projects get finished on time and with a minimum of hiccups.
  • Conduct progress review meetings: Make sure all of your departments stay on track with deliverables by conducting progress review meetings via video conferencing. That way, if you run into snags, you can easily collaborate to make faster decisions and resolve any issues.
  • Communicate with stockholders: Stockholder communication is vital for maintaining a successful manufacturing business. Crystal-clear HD video collaboration can help you share important information in a way that will be easier for all parties to understand.
  • Perform quality control and supply-chain management remotely: EPC UK PLC, a commercial explosives and blasting services firm, has implemented LifeSize video conferencing solutions in offices throughout Europe, in order to scale back on the time and expense of business travel. Instead of sending experts to foreign offices to troubleshoot issues, they can do so remotely via their video conferencing solution.
  • Stream, record, and archive important communications for future playback: With a streaming and recording tool like LifeSize UVC Video Center, you can ensure that all of your most important meetings are archived. Additionally, those who miss meetings can get up to speed quickly by watching the video on-demand.

Video conferencing is more than just a time-saving convenience: it’s a powerful tool for getting the job done, on time and under budget. So whether you’re looking to save money by reducing travel expenses or eliminating inefficiencies remotely, HD video conferencing can get it done. Interested in learning more?  Click here now!

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