“That’s the power of video conferencing, man!”: InfoComm 2012 Day 2 Wrap-Up

Day 1 of InfoComm (technically day 2 for me) flew by in a flash.  It was non-stop action from the time the doors opened at 9 a.m. with floods of people coming to the show floor.  I spent most of the morning as Simon Dudley‘s shadow, filming some panels on cloud and collaboration, and attending a “State of the Industry Lunch” sponsored by IMCCA.   While there was some discussion on industry topics, all of the gentlemen on the panel seemed to prefer taking jabs at their competition instead.  Next year, I think it would be more fun to let them all go at it in a wrestling match or paintball competition instead.  One of the few things they did agree on (for the most part) is that infrastructure is not dead because of cloud services.  In fact, most are seeing increased sales to support cloud environments.

Simon Dudley on the IMCCA Panel

Next, I participated in a live podcast on the topic of social media with AVNation at the rAVepubs booth.

Our booth was ablaze with activities today and I’m sorry I was only able to be there for a short time.  While I was there, I got to see a blackjack dealer in Austin deal to people on the show floor and watch a lucky fan win $500 in casino chips.  The highlight for me though was watching our virtual caricature artist (located in Austin) draw pictures of people in the booth.  It took people some time to figure out what was going on, but once they did, they were mesmerized.  I actually heard one attendee say, “that’s the power of video conferencing, man”.

The LifeSize booth is rocking and rolling at InfoComm 2012!

If you missed any of the booth activities, we’re doing them again today and Friday. Caricature artists, blackjack, another $500 chip giveaway, plus awesome products you don’t want to miss.  Follow our social media channels (Facebook or Twitter) for up-to-date information or watch www.lifesize.com/social/infocomm2012 for the live feeds.

Okay, now it’s time for a cappuccino so I can survive day 3!

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