Big Enhancements to Infrastructure Solutions Make IT the Hero

by Diana Hyland, Product Marketing Manager, LifeSize

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We are entering a new era in video infrastructure – one that can give IT administrators the flexibility to manage, deploy and expand video collaboration in ways never thought possible.

Today, LifeSize announced enhancements to its infrastructure solutions – LifeSize® Bridge™, LifeSize® Transit™ and LifeSize® Control™ – aiming to make video conferencing more scalable, flexible and ultimately, easier for IT administrators to deploy and manage.

LifeSize Bridge

Specific enhancements to LifeSize’s infrastructure offerings include a fully virtualized LifeSize Transit server, 48-way video calling with LifeSize Bridge and expanded multi-vendor interoperability with LifeSize Control.

As you can see, LifeSize is always on the hunt for ways to make video conferencing bigger, better and easier to manage. We continually ask ourselves the question, “What do IT teams need to be successful, not just in video conferencing but in everything they do?” Firewall traversal that is faster than a speeding bullet? Video management that is more powerful than a locomotive?

LifeSize Transit (Server and Client)

How can we make IT the hero?

To learn more, we took a very unscientific poll of IT leaders in and around LifeSize.

Here’s what IT teams want:

Performance: Reliable quality—no late night calls, no complaints, minimal fire drills.

LifeSize Control

Products that are easy to use: Systems that employees want to use and actually enjoy using. Systems that won’t sit idle or gather dust. We hate to see wasted resources.

Infrastructure that saves us time: We are busy — always. We want technology that can be deployed quickly, simply and efficiently.

Technologies that work as promised: Don’t burden us with systems that continually break down or break the system.

Systems that play well with others: We want technology that works inside and outside our network, interoperates with other systems, and with tools and support for IT staff.

Ability to trial: We want a free test-drive, so we can experience the technology first hand before we commit entire budgets behind an unknown solution.

Scalability: We want the ability to expand as needs grow—to buy only want we need to buy, to use only what we need when we need it – saving time, money and resources.


Security: We want worry-free solutions.

Purchasing Options: We want more choices, not just in product, but options to fit every possible technology scenario– budget, size, deployment, network, location, devices, or bandwidth.

Our home-grown poll tells us that IT teams face mounting constraints on their time and resources, with seemingly no end in sight. Our goal at LifeSize is to make IT a hero, not by rescuing the worker in distress, but by arming organizations with technologies that keep workers working without interruption, roadblocks or complicated processes.

For our latest infrastructure enhancements to LifeSize Bridge, LifeSize Transit and LifeSize Control, you’ll see a host of innovations that help scale to larger audiences and give more freedom to choose video solutions to fit any network environment—solutions that are simple, practical and far less time consuming to deploy, manage and use.

Did we miss anything?  Feel free to share your IT wish list and we’ll keep working on ways to make life easier for IT heroes everywhere.

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