International Software Factory Uses HD Video Conferencing to Collaborate with Global Workforce

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

DevFactory’s main goal is to simplify the process of software outsourcing by adhering to the same model that the manufacturing industry uses: focusing on solutions/outcomes rather than T&M. As a result of its innovative approach, the company has experienced success across the globe. Currently, the company has constituents in the United States, India, China, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Dubai.

As the company continued to grow, DevFactory began partnering with other companies and using their communications model to interact with partners, clients and colleagues. However, this strategy was short-lived, as the company soon realized that it needed an international communications model of its own. With that goal in place, executives turned to HD video conferencing because it provides the same lifelike experience as in-person meetings, without the cost and complexity of business travel.

Upon being introduced to LifeSize technology, executives were immediately impressed.

“LifeSize was the only vendor that excelled on every one of our criteria,” said Rahul Subramaniam, managing director of DevFactory. “It had unbelievable HD video quality and the price point was unbeatable. After the very first product demonstration, I knew that we had found the solution to our problems.”

Soon after DevFactory implemented LifeSize® Express™, LifeSize® Team 220™ and LifeSize® Room 220™, the company immediately began to see results. Previously, employees had to travel up to 40 times a year. Now, all meetings are conducted over HD video. In fact, executives calculated all of the costs of traveling and realized that one LifeSize unit equates to the cost of an entire trip. Not only was HD video a good choice for the company’s budget, it also contributed to a greater work/life balance for employees.

Additionally, DevFactory is also using video for recruitment purposes. Now, instead of limiting their staff to locations where they have physical offices, the company can recruit talent from anywhere in the world.

“LifeSize HD video collaboration has been instrumental in helping us continue to grow as a company. No matter how big we get, I am confident that LifeSize can scale with us and support our business endeavors for years to come,” said Subramaniam.

To read the entire case study of DevFactory, visit Software Factory Improves International Collaboration, Recruitment Following LifeSize Implementation.

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