Taking Learning to a New Level: Introducing LEN/LLX

Wayne McCulloch

by Wayne McCulloch, Global Director of Education Services, LifeSize

Remember the days of traditional (see: boring) training aids? PowerPoint presentations? Those cheesy 3D avatars? I am happy to announce that LifeSize has put an end to those painful training methods. We are taking education to a new level, unforeseen in the video conferencing industry.

Today, we’ve introduced the LifeSize Enablement Network (LEN), a new online social learning platform designed especially for sales professionals, installers, administrators, support personnel and end users. Training is delivered in a series of short, engaging HD videos (hey, it’s what we do best!), as well as quizzes, downloaded sales aids and personalized newscasts, all of which are available on any browser or mobile device.

Along with LEN, we have also created a collaborative online social learning platform for community members to share information, ask each other questions and download tools. We call this the LifeSize Learning Exchange (LLX). By providing this social learning platform, we are enabling our reseller community to better understand our solutions which will help them improve their selling techniques and ultimately grow their businesses.

As with everything we do at LifeSize, we truly believe you have to see it to believe it. Check out this video below to learn more about this innovative new learning solution, only from LifeSize:

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