Introducing Lifesize Cloud Amplify: Record and Share Your Video Meetings

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could share business content, like the sales forecast that was reviewed in yesterday’s meeting, across your organization just as easily as you share adorable cat videos with your friends? Now you can with Lifesize Cloud Amplify.


Lifesize Cloud Amplify enables any Lifesize Cloud user to securely record their video conferences, or individual conversations, from any of their devices or meeting room systems. They can even capture the content that is shared within the call, all with a single click. It’s like a personal video channel.

“As video conferencing becomes more popular, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for recording functionality. Today we’re responding, with more than just easy-to-use recording—we’re going leaps beyond that with a completely new approach,” said Craig Malloy, Lifesize founder and CEO. “We’ve thought strategically about how customers want to use their recordings and, based on that insight, Lifesize Cloud Amplify incorporates a personal video library and channel that provides the industry’s easiest and most dynamic resource for sharing.”

Key features of Lifesize Cloud Amplify include:

  • One Click to Record and Auto-Publish: Any user from any device can record a meeting—including any content shared within the call—with a single click from within the Lifesize Cloud laptop, mobile apps or Lifesize Icon video system.
  • Personal Video Library for Playback and Sharing: Similar to the experience on YouTube channels, users can turn collaboration into content by saving video calls to their personal Lifesize Cloud Amplify video libraries, where they can also see what has been shared with them.
  • Socialize Content across the Company: Users can tag all video and audio participants, which will then automatically extend the discussion by adding the recording to those participants’ personal video libraries.
  • No-Hassle System Management: Lifesize Cloud Amplify removes the need for ongoing IT support, with automatic reports that monitor usage across the organization.


You can experience Lifesize Cloud and Lifesize Cloud Amplify with your FREE 14-day trial.

Learn more about Lifesize Cloud Amplify.

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