Lifesize Reinvents Video Collaboration…Again

The day has finally arrived! Meet a brand new Lifesize: new logo, new look and feel, and new rock star video conferencing solution that is shaking up the industry in a BIG way.

Device Collage-Icon and AllMeet Lifesize Cloud

Lifesize has reinvented the video collaboration experience for customers once more. Back in 2005, we changed the industry with the introduction HD video conferencing and today, Lifesize introduces Lifesize Cloud, the perfect blend of hardware, software, service and UX to provide a truly connected experience across all devices to all users. Trust us, you’ve never seen video communications like this before.

“There is no question that video collaboration is aggressively moving toward the cloud, while the customer need for affordable room video systems and a more simplified user experience continues to surge,” said Roopam Jain, industry director of enterprise communications and collaboration for Frost & Sullivan. “Lifesize has nailed this user need with the introduction of Lifesize Cloud, a bold departure from the complex and costly ways of implementing video. By integrating its conference room video system with an intuitive, feature-rich hosted cloud infrastructure, it is clear that Lifesize continues to innovate.”

Device Collage-Icon and Apple-DataWhat is the Connected Experience?

Only Lifesize offers customers a connected experience across all devices, instantly or scheduled, in the cloud or on your network. What does this mean? Let’s break it down:

Any device, anywhere: Whether you choose to use your laptop, iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, or want to meet in a traditional conference room setting with an Icon video system, Lifesize Cloud makes it easy for anyone to have a seat at the meeting from anywhere.

Work the way you want: Unlike competitive offerings, Lifesize Cloud offers a more natural style of communication and enables users to have conversations on-the-fly or through a scheduled meeting in a virtual meeting room. If you choose to meet on-the-fly, you can easily add callers from your directory to the call with the click of a button. For scheduled meetings, users are empowered to create their own 25-way virtual meeting rooms without ever having to contact your IT administrator. You can name the meeting room whatever you want, and even set up a passcode to make it a private call.

In the cloud or on your network: Only Lifesize provides users with a truly connected experience in the cloud or on your network, without compromises. You can experience the same features regardless of how you choose to run your video environment.

Lifesize Cloud is pioneering a new way to collaborate and connect employees. Unlike competitive offerings, including costly traditional on-premise video solutions, free consumer applications, and “meet-me” Web and video services, Lifesize Cloud enables natural communication instantly or scheduled and is purpose-built for organizations of all sizes to implement an affordable, simple and scalable video conferencing solution with little to no need for IT involvement.

“The demand for video communication in business is skyrocketing, driven primarily by free, consumer-focused applications,” said Craig Malloy, founder and chief executive officer of Lifesize. “As a result, users now expect to have the same simple experience in the office, connected across laptops and mobile devices. Lifesize delivers a way to completely, cost effectively and efficiently enable every person in your company with the highest quality video collaboration. We are able to do this because we have spent the last 11 years building an innovative product portfolio with all of the pieces necessary for this vision to come to life.” 

At Lifesize, we’re so proud of our history of innovation and how we’ve responded to the needs of our customers time and time again. Lifesize Cloud is a reimagination of the video collaboration experience and we can’t wait for you to try it. Download the free 14-day trial today and see what the buzz is all about.

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