Introducing the Industry’s First Video Evangelist: Simon Dudley

Simon Dudley, Video Evangelist, LifeSize

LifeSize is pleased to announce its newest position within the company, appointing Simon Dudley as Video Evangelist. A new title at LifeSize, and a first of its kind within the industry, Simon is tasked with promoting how video communication can help drive social collaboration while accelerating business success.

A video advocate, Simon has worked at LifeSize for nine years, and has more than 20 years of experience in the video communication industry. Adding to his impressive video background, Simon holds three patents (all awarded to him while at LifeSize) for his work in helping to design the world’s first high definition video conferencing solution.

LifeSize recognizes that Simon’s breadth of experience and passion for the industry makes him the ideal candidate for the position.  If you want to interact with Simon, follow him on Twitter at @simondudley, connect with him on LinkedIn or subscribe to his blog RSS feed.

Check out this video of Simon explaining why every company should invest in this position and how it will drive greater awareness to enterprise video solutions.

+Simon Dudley

One Response to “Introducing the Industry’s First Video Evangelist: Simon Dudley”

  1. David Temple

    Congrats! Your vast experience aside, it’s your passion that makes you so perfect for this role. Looking forward to some exciting times ahead.


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