LifeSize: In the News – iOS 5/iPhone 4S Announcement

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

On Tuesday, LifeSize announced that LifeSize ClearSea supports iOS 5 and will soon feature support of the new iPhone 4S. The media certainly took notice of this announcement, as well as LifeSize’s role as an innovator in the industry. By providing HD video collaboration on Apple’s new operating system and smartphone, LifeSize has emerged as the only player in the market to offer natively interoperable video calling on the broadest range of PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Here is a complete round-up of all of the stories related to this news:

Logitech Looks to iPhone 5 for Video Meetings, Stephen Lawson, PCWorld: The Apple iPhone 5, expected to be announced on Tuesday, should be able to use Logitech’s ClearSea videoconferencing software to tie mobile users into meetings alongside high-end telepresence systems and other platforms, according to Logitech. “If the power’s there, we can do HD,” said Michael Helmbrecht, vice president of product marketing at LifeSize.

Logitech ClearSea Brings Video Conferencing to the Enterprise, David Strom, ReadWriteWeb: If you are looking for a new way to do enterprise video conferencing that marries the quality, standards support and management features missing from Skype and its ilk, take a look at today’s announcement from Logitech with its ClearSea service.

LifeSize Brings Video Conferencing to iOS 5, Larry Walsh, Channelnomics: What’s interesting about LifeSize’s Mirial acquisition and out-of-the-gate support for iOS 5 is the presumption that smartphones could be the catalyst for video adoption. By putting video communications literally in the palms of users hands, LifeSize and its peers may get users more accustomed to video chats and collaboration. If that happens, it could result in accelerated sales. LifeSize is thinking ahead of the curve. Its commitment to technology development and expanded device support makes it a must-watch company in the video conferencing segment.

iOS 5 Update Improves Video Conferencing for LifeSize, Tim Conneally, BetaNews: Today, Logitech’s video conferencing subsidiary LifeSize announced that its ClearSea mobile video conferencing system is immediately available for iOS 5, and that it will offer support for the iPhone 4S in November.

LifeSize Hops on iPhone 4S Train with Enterprise-Class Video Conferencing, Tammy Wolf, TMCNet: A pioneer in high-definition video collaboration, LifeSize Communications, a division of Logitech, has revealed that its LifeSize ClearSea, an enterprise-class desktop and mobile video conferencing platform, now supports iOS 5 and will soon back the new iPhone 4S, allowing users to instantly connect from an iPhone 4S to any standards-based video conferencing system.

LifeSize Supports iPhone 4S in Video Conferences, Stuart Corner, ITWire: Videoconferencing systems vendor LifeSize, a subsidiary of Logitech has been quick to embrace the new iPhone 4S, announcing that its ClearSea desktop and mobile videoconferencing platform supports iOS 5 and will support the new iPhone 4S from November.

Logitech Announces LifeSize ClearSea Video Conferencing Will Support iOS 5, iPhone 4S, Jim O’Neill, Fierce Enterprise Communications: Logitech hasn’t wasted any time leveraging its purchase of Italian mobile videoconferencing provider Mirial. The company Tuesday announced its LifeSize ClearSea enterprise-class desktop and mobile video conferencing platform, which supports Apple’s new iOS 5, also announced Tuesday.

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