It’s Quiz Time! Would Working from Home Full-Time Work for You?

Telecommuting is a trend we’ve talked about quite a bit in the past – the arguments for it, the ways it can benefit the company implementing a work-from-home program, and even a look at the businesses that are reaping the benefits of early adoption. But is it right for you, personally? Take this quiz below to find out!

First, the facts. From 2011 to 2013, private industry saw a 5 percent year-over-year increase in the number of telecommuting employees at for-profit companies, a trend that will only increase as improving technology makes working from home more and more practical. If you haven’t already considered working from home as an option, chances are good that you will soon – so now’s probably a good time to figure out if it’s right for you.

163186633Without further ado, here’s our official “Is Working from Home Right for You?” quiz. Give yourself 0 points for a “no,” 3 for each “somewhat,” and 5 for every “yes,” then score yourself after the quiz!

1. Are you good at setting and meeting your own goals?  This may seem self-evident, but the importance of setting and meeting your own expectations can’t be overstated. Without a manager figuratively (maybe even literally) staring down your neck, are you the type who can figure out what needs to be done, set yourself a task and complete it within the time you’ve allotted yourself?

2. Can you drown out the distractions and focus on your work?  Speaking of taking care of business without direct oversight, it’s important to realize that once the enforced rigidity of the 9-to-5 workday is removed and your television, bed and kitchen are introduced in its place, you’ll find yourself with more distractions than that weirdo from accounting wanting to chat.

3. Are you reasonably tech-savvy? When you’re working from home, you are your IT department. While you can call up the head office for help, you’ll be the front line when it comes to installing software and hardware, trouble-shooting any issues that come up and managing all the little tech things along the way. Are you the kind of person who can handle most of what your computer dishes out?

4. Do you have a home office ready to meet your needs? A functional office is absolutely crucial to your success in working remotely.  Do you have a proper desk, lighting and chair? If you don’t have a separate home office, is there a nook in your living or bedroom that will suffice? Having a suitable home office can mean the difference between success or failure when WFH, so you must plan accordingly. Does your home-office environment work for you?

5. Do you have video conferencing? One of the biggest fears people have when adjusting to a work-from-home environment is the perceived loss of camaraderie and connection with their fellow workers. Fortunately, modern video conferencing technology makes it so all your friends and coworkers are a press of a button away – and with web chat, email and other tech filling in the gaps, you’ll be surprised how connected you’ll be. So, do you have a video conferencing solution, or can you get one?


0-7: Looks like you need the office as much as the office needs you.  And that’s OK!  But working from home doesn’t look like it’s for you.
8-15: Maybe working from home full time isn’t in the cards, but telecommuting once or twice a week should be.  Give it a try, and see how it suits you!
16-21: You’re ready – and probably eagerly willing – to work from home full-time.  Say goodbye to your hour-long commute and hello to flexible working!
22-25: You’re working from home right now, aren’t you?

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