Law Firm Looks to the Future with LifeSize Video Collaboration Solutions

With locations in eight states and the District of Columbia and a keen focus on client service, Jones Walker is one of the leading law firms in the country. For more than ten years, they’d been using an ISDN video conferencing solution to streamline the inter-office communication between the firm’s New Orleans and Baton Rouge offices, but with a client list that included private and public corporations as well as Fortune 500 companies, they decided it was time to upgrade their system to better serve the organizations that relied on the firm for legal services and advice.

CIO Ruark Chick knew that the old ISDN service had been totally outpaced technologically, and that so-called “duct-tape” solutions couldn’t keep Jones Walker up-to-date forever. So he began the process of looking for new equipment, and consulted with a respected vendor with the Louisiana Technology Council.

“[The A/V vendor] really recommended LifeSize as a well-priced solution, or as I like to say, ‘the most bang for your buck’,” said Chick. “We wanted to test it out in our offices before rolling out a full deployment, so we took a few units to my New Orleans office. Immediately, we were blown away with the picture quality.”

But it wasn’t just the price and image quality that attracted Chick to LifeSize. The user-friendly simplicity of the system was also a big draw for the CIO, who was in the market for a solution that didn’t take an IT guru to operate. “Our attorneys and clients don’t care how the technology works, they just want it to work with exceptional quality and reliability. The product had to be simple. After getting LifeSize in our hands, testing it and seeing it in person, we knew it was the product for us.”

Not only is the firm installing LifeSize video conferencing endpoints at all 17 of its offices, but they’ve begun using it to interview employee candidates, communicate with clients, and connect during practice group meetings. The high-definition picture is so good at replicating the experience of an in-person conversation that clients have been enthusiastically asking about LifeSize.

“Overall, we have been very happy with the technology,” said Chick. “We believe that video has really improved the way that we serve our clients and empowered them to achieve positive outcomes in their legal dealings. LifeSize has made a difference in our firm and we will continue to invest in this technology in the future.”

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