Video Conferencing Equipment: Leasing vs. Owning

When adopting a video conferencing solution, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is determining whether to purchase the platform outright or to lease it.  As we’ve discussed before, video conferencing is something that can benefit companies of all shapes and sizes; but not all companies are in the same place financially, and what makes sense for one business’s bottom line might not work for another.

So is leasing right for your company?  We’ll outline not just some of the benefits of leasing, but also dispel some myths or preconceived notions you might have about it.  That way, you can better decide what’s best for your organization.

Leasing requires a smaller up-front investment. For smaller companies, leasing is a great way to invest in the latest video conferencing technology without the higher upfront costs of ownership.  For firms with less liquidity, there’s no better way to start taking advantage of this game-changing technology.  And many providers, including LifeSize, offer lease-to-own models, so you have the option to keep the equipment at the end of your lease period.

Not all leasing agreements are the same. In addition to traditional leasing programs, many firms offer special, flexible options that are worth investigating.  The LifeSize Flexible Leasing program, for example, lets you choose between a traditional leasing option in which you lease to own with $1 final payment, or to upgrade your entire video solution at any time, with no penalties.  It’s a great choice for firms looking to stay ahead of the technology curve and get the most out of their video conferencing systems.

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Many leasing programs come with acts-of-god coverage. As any homeowner with good insurance can tell you, there’s nothing better than knowing that someone else is paying the bill for a sudden, costly accident.  Find out if your preferred video conferencing firm offers comprehensive coverage for acts of god, helping to replace your equipment if it’s been damaged by fire, lightning, storms, and other natural disasters.

Leasing isn’t for everyone.  For some companies, particularly those with more cash at hand, purchasing a system outright may be the right decision.  But if you’d like a more flexible option – one that allows you to renew your contract, purchase the equipment, or upgrade to a more modern package – or want to reduce the upfront costs associated with buying a system, leasing may just be the way to go.  Do your research, get some quotes, and join the video conferencing revolution.

Learn more about LifeSize’s Flexible Leasing Program.

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