Less is More (With Shocking Photos to Prove It!)

Simplicity is absolutely essential in the video conferencing world. If your solution is too complex for end users to make a call or for IT administrators to manage, the investment will undoubtedly go to waste. At LifeSize, our dedication to simplicity verges on the edge of extreme (I mean, have you seen our new Icon Series remote with only two buttons? You can’t get much simpler than that!) However, the mantra, “less is more” is not just applicable to the video conferencing world, or even to the high tech world as a whole. In fact, it can be applied to almost all areas of life. We have pulled some of our favorite pictures to help explain why less really is more.

Let’s hope there’s never a power outage in this home. (Photo Credit: Buzzfeed)

Every kid’s dream…circa 1995. (Photo Credit: Imgur.com)

Ok, we get it. You like Christmas. (Photo Credit: Fizzy Party)

When you drink so much caffeine that you can see sounds... (Photo Credit: Buzzfeed)

Corndogs and pizza? Genius. A corndog pizza? Gross. (Photo Credit: TIWYF.com)

What’s the point of having the bread, lettuce and tomato? Just take a spoon to a jar of mayo for the same effect. (Photo Credit: Buzzfeed)

Have other examples of “Less is More”? Leave us a link in the comment section below.

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