Let’s Get Social: Top 5 Video Conferencing Topics

If you follow our social channels, you know we’re always looking for those hot video conferencing topics in social media: the ones that stir debate, get people fired up, and actually incite change in the industry. If you are involved in the video industry and aren’t out there listening and getting involved in discussions on related forums, you really should be.  It’s a wealth of information (not to mention a fun place to get in a cyber word battle with some leading industry experts).

So, what have we found to be the top five hot video conferencing topics in social media?

1. Stop marketing and solve our problems

This is by far the topic that pops up most often and it is in nearly every thread I see. Both customers and vendors are getting fed up with all the marketing speak and just want the straight answers. They want a grid comparing all the providers on a variety of features and don’t want to hear all of the buzzwords about how  “revolutionary”, “game-changing”, or “cutting edge” the products are.

2. Telepresence is a fighting word

The word, “telepresence” (with a lowercase t), is thrown around in nearly every discussion and to describe nearly every product in the industry. People have had enough. There are numerous discussions on what exactly telepresence means. Does a desktop solution qualify?  Can you really have telepresence on a mobile device? LifeSize’s definition revolves around that immersive experience (“immersive” is another fighting word, by the way) where the scale, video quality, feel, room arrangement and lighting make you feel as if you are in the same room as the person with whom you are speaking. However, the debate still rages on.


3. Software is fundamentally changing the way we do business

There are the people who say endpoints are becoming extinct and are going the way of the telegraph, and others who say they still have their place in the conference room. Regardless, both sides agree that software-based conferencing is changing the way companies do business, mostly because it offers options. Additionally, software-based solutions open up video conferencing to people who would not normally be able to afford it or implement it due to lack of IT resources.


4. Change or die

Telepresence Options recently wrote a great article entitled “We Will Not Dance with Who Brung Us”. The article focuses on the fact that the leading legacy video conferencing providers must note the changes in the industry and do something to meet changing needs or the market will be overtaken by some of the smaller players. Cloud-based conferencing, universal interoperability, BYOD and ease of implementation are all mentioned as factors for success.

5. Free video providers: a love/hate relationship

While most agree that free providers are pushing the industry towards more ubiquitous adoption, there is a concern over the quality, security and lack of features that free video provides. On top of that, many times “free” video options are just a teaser to a better version of video and offer the bare bones of what a solution can do.

There you have it, our top five hottest social video conferencing topics! But don’t take our word for it, get out there and see for yourself what people are talking about on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn.  And just for good measure, here are a few good LinkedIn groups to get you started:

Heard about some other hot topics we have missed? Share them with me in the comment box below.

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